Words From Executive Chairperson

Active Academy College, run by experienced professors, proactive management team is one of the primary academic institutions providing creative education in Nepal. We encourage students’ creativity, individuality and bring out their leadership qualities. We follow the philosophy of education teaching for liberty, freedom and meaningful life. Our students denounce the culture of hate, self censorship and class struggles. We condemn any form of kelptocracy, plutocracy, monopoly. On the basis of this basic philosophy, we encourage for holistic approach of teaching and learning. We have generated hundreds of qualified graduates who have been working in several fields across Nepal and the world solving immediate and crucial problems and also generating revenues in the process. By making proper use of Internet and pushing for most required changes with collaboration of digital technology and the present education system in Nepal, we encourage moving with time and equipping ourselves with the latest technologies to widen the base of knowledge reaping advantage of exponential growth in the near future.

After completing the courses and graduating from this academy, the students of this college develop all the required skills to work and face this competitive global context.

I very much look forward for welcoming and personally meeting you all at Active Academy. I sincerely present my well wishes, greetings and support.

Dr. GopiLal Neupane

Executive Chairperson

Dr. GopiLal Neupane is an executive chairperson whose effort and determination led to founding of Active Academy College. He has several certifications such as Master’s in Psychology and Education, PhD in Psychology. He is an Educationalist as well. He has his weekly shows on TV and radio where he presents and provides his views as a political analyst on separate occasions. He also has some of his grips on Philanthropy. He is an author of the book ‘ManoBigyan’.

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